History of Windows

An interesting chronology of modern window technology in this article:
From Energy Sink to Energy Efficient: A Walk Through Window Technologies.
Worth a scan or a more thorough read if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between glazing, coatings, and insulated glass!


Remodeling with Pets

Remodeling with Pets

At MAK, we know that your pets are members of your family. A remodel can be stressful to pets, but you can keep them comfortable during a project.

Wild for Ultraviolet

Every year Pantone, the world’s authority on all things color, tries to boil down all the feelings and happenings in our social and political world into one striking shade.
Cleveland Street Kitchen Remodel

The Ever-Evolving Kitchen: A Case Study

Here at MAK, many, many of the projects that we take on involve kitchen remodels.