Cautiously Emerging from Coronavirus Quarantine

Cautiously Emerging from Coronavirus Quarantine

It has been awhile.

2020 surprised us by being both dramatic and profoundly quiet. For the past two months, we have been quietly and carefully working while “Social Distancing” protocols have brought tremendous change to our country and community. It has been bizarre, and frightening and frequently heartwarming. Here at MAK Design+Build, we have been moved and impressed by our community’s efforts to support and protect one another.

While we are cautiously emerging, it is still recommended that we “Stay Home” as much as possible.

The past two months have been a crash course in the strengths and weaknesses of our homes.  Our family found ourselves using every corner of our small home to provide work, workout, meal prep, puzzle, remote learning, zoom meeting, and yes, even personal space for four adults (the kids returned from the Bay Area to shelter with us and even pantry space was in high demand).

It has been both sweet and taxing, but we are incredibly grateful to be where we are – together.

When Californians first began this adaptation did you suddenly need all sorts of things to accommodate the unexpected return of family members? You may have found yourself wishing for a dedicated home office or virtual learning space (I know I did).  Working remotely appears to be here to stay and our adaptations may be with us for some time.

Are you seeing your home in a new light? If so, it might be time to make your home what it needs to be.

Because the safety and function of your home is essential, we too have been essential. Our team has been carefully and steadily working to complete our projects. and, MAK’s designers never stopped working (with the exception being Kelli Lopez who welcomed her beautiful baby girl in late April).

Virtual design meetings and online project management were not new to us when they became mandatory. We have been designing and remotely project managing for years, and finding solutions to obstacles as we continue preparing for new ways of working in the future. We are finding ways to keep social distance while maintaining a high level of engagement with our clients, and staff.

Oh, and for the families of Davis’ graduating seniors, we WILL be decorating our 430 F Street windows for the community-wide celebration of our 832 graduating high school seniors for 2020!

This is a long-winded short message. In short: Give us a call. This has all been so strange.  We’ve missed you, and we’re still here. Some processes will look different as we adapt to changing requirements to keep you, our community safe, but we are fundamentally unchanged in our commitment to providing excellent solutions to the problems your home may present.

Yes, We are Open for Business! 

Our current business hours are:

Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 4:30pm. 

We’re checking our office voicemail frequently while working from home.

How MAK Design+Build Keeps You Safe

Everyone is working hard to protect themselves and their families. As an organization who cares deeply about the wellbeing of our community, we’ve implemented CDC guidelines at all our job sites to keep everyone safe, including:

  • Training our employees on the new guidelines and the importance of proper handwashing and personal hygiene.
  • Equipping active job sites with hand sanitizing stations.
  • Requiring all workers to “check-in” to job sites, and wear a mask, including subcontractors.
  • Providing the required safety equipment, including masks, gloves, or appropriate personal protective equipment for our production teams.
  • Advising employees and subcontractors who feel ill or show symptoms of Covid-19, or have come into contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms to stay at home.

How MAK Design+Build Keeps Us Safe

Just like our customers, we care deeply about the safety and health of our staff too. The protective measures and training afforded our production teams, applies to the rest of our highly-trained staff to ensure everyone’s safety.

Virtual and In-Person Meetings

Our initial consultations and design meetings can be held virtually, or in-person while maintaining careful social distance. We continue to meet virtually with our clients whose projects are under construction.

Our Commitment to the Community

MAK Design+Build is deeply committed to our clients and community and dedicated to showing up when we are needed. In this time of uncertainty, we’ve all had to adjust our expectations, but that we’ve adapted to this new environment to continue providing the best outcomes for you, your home, our staff – and our community.

Give Us a Call  • (530) 750-2209

We’re happy to answer any of your questions or provide additional information, and we’ll continue to provide updates about the virus as it becomes available – or as policies evolve to meet the situation.

We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

MAK Design+Build

(530) 750-2209


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