Is Your Remodeler a Peach?


When trying to find the right remodeling contractor, comparing apples to apples may not be enough.

Despite sharing classification, all contractors are not equal.  Remodelers are contractors but not all contractors are equipped to guide you through the very personal and emotionally charged remodeling process.  As you might expect there is a lot of excitement when “DEMOLITION BEGINS” is the first calendar item on the journey to your dream home.  You may appreciate working with somebody who has more than carpentry skills to get you through.

While craftsmanship is essential to a successful project, a talented craftsman who doesn’t care about the impact on you and your family is not fully qualified to do the job.

Remodeling requires teamwork.  An effective partnership between you and your contractor is essential.  Even though the work in your home may be outside your area of expertise, you need to be informed and understand how weekly activities are making your dream come true.  The disruption of remodeling is manageable when the path to the goal is clear.

Steady progress also means that hard-working people will be in your home every day.  This is a lot more enjoyable if you actually look forward to seeing them.  The close nature of this complicated and dusty process makes the quality of your relationship with your contractor the foundation for the success of your project.  It is also the most rewarding part of the job for your contractor.  The best work comes from a positive atmosphere that both client and contractor create.

So while you are comparing apples, remember to look for a peach.

*First published in The Davis Enterprise, March 30, 2012


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