Caseless Doors in High Traffic Areas

Making the Case for Caseless Doors

In our latest video series, Director of Design Anthony Anderson explains how MAK Design+Build maximized a narrow, high-traffic entryway using caseless doors and low-profile ball-hatch hardware.

Find more design inspiration on the small screen at MAK Show + Tell on Vimeo.


Cautiously Emerging from Coronavirus Quarantine

Everyone is working hard to protect themselves and their families. As an organization that cares deeply about the wellbeing of our community, we’ve implemented CDC guidelines at all our job sites to keep everyone safe.
Copper Pipe vs PEX Pipes for Water Supply Pipes

Copper or PEX for Water Supply Pipes

As copper becomes increasingly expensive, builders are turning to its lower-cost alternative – PEX pipe – for water supply pipes. Here's how they compare.

Tips for Creating a “Calm” Home

Organizing your home isn’t something you do once and walk away. Follow these tips to create a "calm" home environment with thoughtful design, and efficient organizational practices.