Form, Function, and Fun – The Round Up

Holler Design Reclaimed Beam Stool:

Recently I was talking to someone about the growing popularity of charred finishes.  While I’m a big fan of a charred fence, or charred siding, I’m not 100% sold on the stability of the finish in an interior setting yet.  That being said, my concerns about sloughing ash on my area rug were obliterated this week when I came across Holler Design’s Reclaimed Beam Stool.  Deftly navigating the failure-infested waters I like to call rugged-modernism, this piece has it all.  It’s an end table, it’s a stool, it’s a conversation starter.  Wish list… Check!

Price-Residence-New-York-Living-580x386 Price-Residence-New-York-Hall-580x386

A+I Design Corp studio’s Tribeca Loft:

Speaking of rugged-modernism… A+I Design Corp apparently has got it figured out.  This week, WhiteZine profiled this fantastic loft renovation.  Listed as what I can only assume is a typo (4100 square meters) I especially like barn door room divider and the irregularly slatted stair partition.


A Legacy Continues – The Taliesin Mod.Fab: 

Taliesin was legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright‘s summer home near Spring Green, Wisconsin which sadly is probably best known for the horrific tragedy and fire that saw seven people, including Wright’s mistress Mamah Borthwick and her two children, murdered by axe. Ultimately Wright rebuilt and the site became home to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  The school, which still exists today, eventually moved it’s primary operations to Taliesin West, Wright’s winter home in Scottsdale Arizona.  Taliesin Mod.Fab, is a “one-bedroom, 600-square-foot prototype residence that relies on panelized construction to allow for speed and economy on site or in a factory”.  The dwelling was designed and built by graduate and undergraduate students with the faculty guidance of Michael P. Johnson and Jennifer Siegal.

Loyal Dean Reclaims Longboards:


Business partners and friends Loyal Pierone and Dean Perry stumbled upon an elegant use for formerly discarded scrap material left over from their primary business, custom door production at Real Door, Inc.  According to Pierone, a present for his daughter accidentally launched a prototype and the rest, is L.A. longboard history.  Designed and built in California, Loyal Dean offers beautiful, albeit pricy, one of a kind longboards made of 40% reclaimed hardwood.  Just the sort of thing I suddenly need to get around town.  I think The Bomber is just about my speed.  You can read the story at FastCoDesign.



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