Kitchen Considerations: The Prep Sink

Kitchen Extras: Part I

By. Ellen Moriarty

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting some of the many “Kitchen Extras” worth considering when planning a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel is a highly customizable investment. We recommend that our clients carefully consider exactly how they use their existing kitchen, and how an ideal kitchen would be different. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most task-specific rooms in a home, but the kitchen is by far the hardest working. Whether you are a passionate baker, kombucha maker, frequent at-home entertainer, none of the above, or all three, a kitchen remodel is your opportunity to make that hardworking space work for you. 

So, right off the bat, I will share the extra we added to our kitchen for which I am grateful every day: 

  • The Prep Sink 
  • If your kitchen is a hub of activity where two or more people might be preparing food and washing up at the same time, a secondary, small (ours is a bit under than 13”x11”) prep sink is a valuable use of precious kitchen real estate. Depending on the size, position, and fixture height, a prep sink can function as a pot filler, a place to rinse produce and meat, a handwashing station, or a quick stain treatment center.  
  • We love how our main sink is right next to the dishwasher and under a window facing the backyard: ideal for enjoying the view while doing dishes. The prep sink is in a more sociable position, between the stove and the refrigerator in a location that encourages conversation with everyone else in the kitchen. Having more than one sink in your kitchen also helps keep the flow of food preparation going even as dishes are being produced and may be piling up. There will be no more “Can I just get in here to wash my hands?” or “Excuse me, I need to rinse this carrot” while the roasting pan is getting a good scrub.  
  • When deciding on whether or not to include a prep sink, think about the ways in which your kitchen is used. Where do you store your food? Is your stove far from your main sink? Is your washer and dryer close by but some distance from a utility sink?  Prep sinks are a kitchen feature that once someone has, they’ll never want to go back! How many people typically work in the kitchen at once? These are all things to consider when determining if you want a secondary sink and where it should be placed to get the most functionality.

Below are some images of MAK projects that have included a prep sink. As you can see, a prep sink can be worked into any kitchen design and they always add to the workspace a kitchen provides.

©Dave Adams Photography, 530 795 2529
©Dave Adams Photography, 530 795 2529

©Dave Adams Photography, 530 795 2529
Photo by: JLP Photography (




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