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As you might have noticed by our dearth of blog posts lately, we’ve been busy! I managed to finally make time to photograph three different projects, all completed several months ago. Our amazing photographer, Dave Adams, and I shot 3 kitchens in 4 weeks.

When talking to prospective clients, I get asked frequently if we only do modern aesthetics. What struck me about this series of shoots is how vastly different each style and layout is. They really reflect the variety of projects we work on – both from a style and a problem solving perspective. These are also all examples of how much improvement can be had within the original walls – none of these kitchens involved adding space.

This traditional kitchen rectified the ubiquitous “builder stock” cabinets and tile counters, along with some odd layout decisions (the cooktop was buried in the corner of the room). While not changing the room size, we were able to simplify and improve the layout, enhance the finishes, and create a warm, inviting space for cooking and entertaining.

For comparison, here’s the original kitchen.

Next up is a kitchen and dining room remodel in a Central Davis Streng home. The finishes are still clean and crisp to honor the original vision of that era, but the layout is now more open and functional. In addition, the Dining Room was reconfigured for entertaining and display of the owner’s impressive collections from around the world.


Here is the before shot of this kitchen.


The Kitchen After


And the Dining Room Before


Dining Room After

Just last week we photographed a kitchen remodel with some serious design challenges. The kitchen was adjacent to a mechanical closet straight from the Winchester Mystery House. This story really deserves it’s own post – so I won’t go into detail here, but the clients worked with us to create a fun, modern, and unique space while Anthony and Chris worked hard to reroute all of the plumbing, mechanical systems, false ceilings, strange floor heights, and other structural issues into a functional layout within the existing space.



Although you can’t see much of the kitchen, but the before shot is taken from almost the exact the same angle as the after shot above!

Each of these homes represented a unique opportunity to create a satisfying, personal, but also universally appealing space for our clients. Each one represents the problem- solving challenges that come with remodeling an existing space – but each also shows how rewarding it is to tackle those challenges and create a fantastic new version.


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Remodeling with Pets

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