Tips for Creating a “Calm” Home

Tips for  Creating a “Calm” Home in 2020

Full wall cabinetry is minimal in appearance but maximal in function.
Full wall cabinetry – minimal in appearance – maximal in function. 

Think of this new decade as the motivation to hit reset in your environment. Everywhere you look someone is promoting the benefits of decluttering. But, organizing your home isn’t something you do once and walk away. Your home and your habits influence one another in this effort.

So, while paring back non-essential objects is a big task — and one well worth undertaking — maintaining your hard-won organization will be easier with thoughtful storage.

If you can do the dishes, tidy up in five to ten minutes, and hit the “reset” button on your home before bedtime, you will be able to fully enjoy your space in the morning. The way to get that evening “reset” down to ten minutes or less is to have a place for everything (and everything in its place).

A trend we’ve seen recently is generous, accessible and visually minimal storage. Panel front doors — whether they be on the front of an appliance, or lead to a full space like a pantry — disappear into a room.

Full wall cabinetry is minimal in appearance, but maximal in function, allowing for the realities of needing and having “stuff,” and easy access to your stuff while maintaining a serene space.

Clever storage keeps essentials at your fingertips.

The quest for organization has pushed design a long way in recent years. Having a thorough understanding of how you really use your home helps you organize your space for your life. Where do you feed your dog or work on hobbies? Do you bake? In a dining or living room, bench seats may be customized with built-in charging stations for devices.

Thoughtfully designed cabinet pull-outs are available with designated spaces for everything, from little spice jars to stockpots and recycling bins. When you don’t have to think about where to put things, putting them where they belong is simple, making it easy to keep track of essentials.

Whether that essential is olive oil you use daily — or that infrequently used but nonetheless essential when you need it saffron — or rain boots, or card stock, whatever it is, when there is a designated place for everything, the likelihood of waste of both time and resources is reduced.

when there is a designated place for everything, the likelihood of waste of both time and resources is reduced.
Everything in its place – right where you need it the most.

Of course, remodeling and working with a designer is a great opportunity to fine-tune a home or a room with accessible storage, organization and calm in mind. However, you don’t have to remodel to make many simple improvements. There are plenty of products available to aid in organization for those who are unable to remodel, with many options for adapting standard cabinetry with pull-outs, risers, and racks.

If you are making the effort to clear clutter and simplify this year, consider how and where you will keep what has “made the cut.” Let your home and your habits be a positive influence on one another. Oh yes, and “out of sight, out of mind” can be pretty nice if you want to think about other things.

If you’re ready for a calm, orderly, and organized home, give MAK Design+Build a call at 530-750-2209 to discuss your vision.

(Originally published in the Davis Enterprise, February 2020)

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